Oxycel – why use it?

Oxycel is an absorbable haemostatic gauze that has been used to control bleeding simply, safely and effectively in a variety of surgical settings for the past 70 years.

Haemostatic gauze was originally developed and marketed by the pharmaceutical company, Parke Davis, in 1945.

It was further developed by Becton Dickinson, utilising sterilisation by gamma irradiation and is now marketed throughout the UK by WOUNDCARE.

Oxycel consists of pure natural Egyptian cotton gauze of the highest quality which is spun into a helix of hollow fibres.

A recent study published in the journal European Surgery called Comparison of regenerated and non-regenerated oxidised cellulose gauze examined the  effectiveness of Traumastem haemostatic gauze, which is identical to Oxycel.

It shows that “non-regenerated cellulose gauze” – from which Oxycel is knitted – gives it a faster, superior, haemostasis than those manufactured from “regenerated cellulose gauze”.

Additionally, Oxycel generates conditions which have a greater bactericidal effect together with quicker haemostasis – taking up to half the time.

This study is the first to conclude that the ultrastructure of Oxycel- which is “frayed”  – is superior to products manufactured from “smoother extruded gauze.” Smooth haemostatic gauze is used in products such as Surgicel, Curacel and Gelitocel.

Oxycel also generates conditions which have greater bactericidal effect together with a speedier haemostatic effect.

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